A digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small and mid-sized businesses thrive in today’s Digital Marketing landscape.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing

Growing With Your Business

LA Valley Media is built on a specific understanding of business in Los Angeles and a decade of successful partnerships with many of its seminal companies. Our initial client base came from word-of-mouth expansion – we are a firsthand testament to success based on performance. This is the attitude and value system that we bring to all of our clients. We want to help you find your niche, become an important part of their lives and together, and help take your business to the next level.

We serve clients nationwide, but we call ourselves LA Valley Media for a reason. We connect closely with the strong values of this historic California community. The Valley is where our journey started, and its unique way of doing business is the source of our agency’s strength.

Our Values

These are the core values we believe in and stand by in all circumstances. Everything we do, from hiring new talent to driving revenue for your business with our premium quality products and services, is guided by these core values.


Customer Centered Service
The service that we offer is unique to the client that we serve. We listen and provide exactly the marketing program that your business needs.


Continuous Improvement
We are always assessing our services and adapting them to the changing landscape of the digital marketing business. In real time, LA Valley Media clients gain access to the latest and best marketing technology and processes.


Grow Local to Go Global
When applicable, we help you dominate your local area first, and when it is time to expand, you have the wind at your back and Google organic SERP on your side. This is essential when doing business in a highly competitive place like Los Angeles.


Results Oriented
You can't analyze what you don't measure. We work closely with your team to define KPI's and ensure that we optimize your campaign to maximize results. We also provide custom in-depth reporting and tracking so you can easily monitor your ROI.
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What We Do Best

Digital Strategy
Content Development
Social Media
Reputation Management
Web Development
Email Marketing
Press Releases

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